Resorts in Sundarban

Resorts in Sundarban

Are you a wildlife enthusiast like myself? If so, I implore you to plan an expedition to the remarkable Sundarban to discover the splendor of the Royal Bengal Tigers and Resorts in Sundarban where you could stay.

Encompassing a staggering 10000, Sundarban stands as the largest mangrove forest globally and has earned the coveted UNESCO World Heritage Site distinction. Sundarban National Park, home to the captivating Bengal Tigers, is unequivocally a nature lover’s paradise.

One might ask, where should I lodge when visiting Sundarban?

Fear not, as we have compiled a list of the finest accommodations to ensure a comfortable stay during your travels.

Few Resorts in Sundarban

Sundarban Residency Nestled amidst the picturesque terrain, Sundarban residency offers the unique opportunity to witness a myriad of wild creatures. The most intriguing aspect is its recognition, boasting numerous awards for its unparalleled hospitality, amenities, and services.

Address: Dayapur, West Bengal Phone:

Sunderban Tiger Roar Resort Providing the perfect balance between rustic and modernity, Sunderban Tiger Roar stands as another exceptional resort for tranquil repose. Surrounded by lush vegetation, it caters to guests’ every need.

Address: Dayapur, West Bengal Phone:

Sunderban Mangrove Retreat Sunderban Mangrove Retreat stands as a premiere option for lodging in Sundarban. The rooms’ tasteful decor and the user-friendly amenities, coupled with reasonable prices, will leave you spellbound.

Address: Jamespur, Gosaba, West Bengal Phone: +919051212225

United 21 Resort Situated near Tiger More Village, United 21 Resort exudes an old-world charm. The delightful resort offers eco-friendly modern accommodations, making it a prime destination for those seeking leisurely respite in Sundarban.

Address: Near Tiger More, Gosaba, West Bengal Phone: 022-61841444

Sundarban Tiger View Point Resort A relatively new eco-friendly property, this property boasts 12 charming cottages, dotted around a serene lotus pond. The property also features an in-house chef who expertly prepares delicious meals for guests, served al fresco.

Address: Gosaba, South 24 Paraganas, Sundarban Phone: 033-2486 9761

Several Sundarban tour operators possess private accommodations, which are also worth considering when planning your trip. Let Sonakshi travels help you plan a memorable excursion!