What Makes a Sundarban Tourism Unique

Learn What Makes a Sundarban Tourism Unique



The Sundarbans National Park is a must-see during the winter, and it’s only 109 kilometres from the busy city of Kolkata. Sundarban tourism are one of the most popular options for those looking for a Sundarban 1 day tour  from Kolkata because they provide guests the chance to see wildlife they wouldn’t see anywhere else and bring back memories they’ll never forget.

Many classic works of Bengali literature, some as old as the 13th century, make reference to Sundarban.
In 1865, the British designated the Sundarban as a restricted forest, and in 1984, it was upgraded to the status of a national park. The “Sundari” trees give the jungle its name. Among the 102 islands that make up Sundarban, only 52 are inhabited by humans, while the remaining islands are covered in thick forests.

The Royal Bengal tigers of the Sundarban delta may draw the most visitors, but they aren’t the only animals who call this swampy area home; estuary crocodiles, Olive Ridley turtles, fishing cats, and flying foxes all make their homes here as well.

Sundarban is at its best between the months of November and March.

Please find below some useful tips for organising your Sundarban trip.


While Trying to Go to Sundarban, What Are Your Best Options?

You can go to Sundarban by train; the closest stop is in Canning (48 km away).
However, most visitors opt to get off at Howrah or Sealdah and take an outstation cab to the Sundarbans.

From Kolkata, you may reach Namkhana (105 kilometres away), Sonakhali (100 kilometres away), Raidighi (76 kilometres away), Canning (64 kilometres away), and Najat (92 kilometres away).
All of these cities provide access to the Sundarbans National Park through motor launches.



The Sundarban Tigers

Sundarbans National Park is a must-see even if you’ve been to all of India’s other tiger reserves.
To begin, the Sundarban ecology is completely unmatched. Unlike other wild creatures, the tigers of the Sundarbans are not terrified of humans. This park is focused on the sea, unlike the other national parks and Tiger reserves that are located on land. Seeing a tiger swim across the river or lurking on the shoreline for its next meal is a real possibility. Second, these tigers are exceptionally rare, according to specialists.

They also have the ability to swim, which goes against the stereotype of tigers. However, Sundarban tours are only accessible via boats, which must navigate through the region’s dense forests. Crocodiles lazing in the sun on the riverbank and brightly coloured birds are occasional sights.

Safari in the Sundarbans

Sundarban offers a one-of-a-kind safari adventure. That can only be done on boats. The tides will be high, making it easier to manage the waterways through the creeks and rivers. Admire the “mudflats,” which are exposed land during low tide.