Bengali pride is Sundarban in a Sundarban Tourism Package

Bengali pride is Sundarban in a Sundarban Tourism Package
The Royal Bengal Tiger is the most essential cause.

Bay of Bengal’s Sundarban is the world’s largest delta. Its unique ecology houses numerous endangered animals that will amazed you by Sundarban tourism package, including the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Sundarbans’ Royal Bengal Tigers are fascinating:


The Royal Bengal Tiger is predominantly found in the Sundarban, with some vestiges in Myanmar, China, Bhutan, and Nepal. Sundarban mangrove forests suit them.

  • Indian national animal: Black-striped yellow tigers.
  • Indian banknotes and Bollywood films include these tigers.
  • Melanistic tigers may be genetically mutated.
  • Excellent sensory nerves:
  • They see and hear well.
  • They can see six times farther than humans and identify prey from a far.
  • Shy and elusive: These tigers avoid humans.
  • It’s adorable.
    They avoid humans despite being one of the world’s greatest predators.
  • Their timidity makes them hard to study and track.

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Nighttime hunters: Royal Bengal Tigers are night hunters.


Sundarban tourism package

Endangered species: Asian traditional medicine requires their skin, bones, and other body parts, rendering them endangered. The Sundarban National Park has 100 Royal Bengal Tigers. It can be seen during Sundarban tourism package

Pride of Bengal: India is proud of the Royal Bengal Tigers. The Sundarban’ ecological balance depends on conserving these gorgeous species, which symbolise the region’s rich cultural legacy.

Sundarban: Facts are fine, but Sundarban tour is preferable.

If you visit the Sundarbans, you may learn more surprising facts.

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The Sundarbans are a must-see for nature lovers. They can optimise your Sundarban trip. The Royal Bengal Tiger is a unique and majestic creature that holds a special place in the hearts of nature lovers.