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Sundarban visit

Sundarban, a marshy land Sundarban, a marshy land teeming with forests, poses a unique challenge to first-time visitors. It is imperative for you to exercise additional caution while traversing this terrain. Allow this article to enlighten you on ways to maximise your Sundarban visit to the enchanted. Traversing Sundarban’s forest-like terrain coupled with its marshy […]

10 Important facts for Sundarban Tour

Here are some good reasons to select you week end destination at Sundarban. Apart from being the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is more known for its versatile natures of flora and fauna. The home land of Royal Bengal Tiger, Sundarban attracts visitor its natural beauty. More than 260 species of Birds, threatened species of […]

Sundarban Tour Guide : Basic Information

Sundarban Tour Guide : Basic Information If you’re considering a package tour from Kolkata to Sundarban, it’s important to keep in mind Sundarban tour guide and basic information. Sundarban has an altitude of 7.5 meters, located at 21.9497° N, 89.1833° E. The nearest rail station is Canning Railway Station (CG), while the nearest airport is […]