Sundarban Winter Tour Package

Sundarban Winter Tour Package


Visiting Sundarban in winter is the best option. Winter is the prefect weather to observe various wildlife through boat travel. Sundarban winter tour package provide you all the necessary services you need to explore the beautiful Sundarban.

After Durga puja i.e. the month of November our Sundarban winter tour package starts and continues upto the March. Every winter Sundarban tour package customized with the needs of travelers.

Why you need a Sundarban winter tour package ?

The beauty of Sundarbans increases in winter. Every moment of your Sundarban tour will be a thrill as you take a boat safari through the mist-shrouded mangrove forest. At this time, nature decorates the Sundarbans with its all. Your mind will want to get lost in the nature while traveling by tourist boat. A Sundarban trip in winter will amaze you with the beauty of Sundarban.

Advantages of Sundarban tour in Winter:

1) As the water flow in the river is less during this time, the danger is less.
2) Lots of Tourists gather in Sundarbans during winter.
3) Abundant wildlife can be seen.
4) Arrival of migratory birds in Sundarban area.
5) Crocodiles are seen along the river-belt for sun-bath.
6) Fresh vegetables are available alots.

Dis-advantages of Sundarban Travel in Winter:

  1. Due to huge no. of travellers, this time chances of tiger spotting is vey less.
  2. Package cost remains high.
  3. For getting good quality accommodation you need to book early.
  4. Weekend get full fast.



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