Sundarban visiting in summer season

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Sundarban visiting in summer season

During the summer season, despite the potential for sweltering temperatures, embarking on a journey to visiting Sundarban wildlife sanctuary can prove to be a fruitful endeavor. On the other hand, during the monsoon season, heavy downpours may impede travel progress, however, the dense forestry and verdant patches of greenery may serve as a suitable compensation.


Range of Sundarban Summer Temperature

Summer temperatures in Sundarban reach around 40 degrees Celsius, excess humidity and heat can challenge your Sundarban travel experience, the three months from March to May are extremely hot. Although there are occasional thunderstorms and rains, the gusty winds can cancel your planned Sundarban tour.


Visiting Sundarban for spotting of wild animals

Since this is the time when most of the wild animals come out in search of fresh water, the chances of spots of wild animals is much higher than any other time. Avoiding natural hazards, this is the ideal time for wildlife viewing. Since this time is off season you can get the package for much less money.

By taking some precautionary measures you can take the pleasure of visiting the Sundarban during the village to a unique level. Wearing light clothes, drinking water frequently, avoiding direct sun heat are the precautionary measures you must follow.