Sundarban Tour Booking Process

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Sundarban Tour Booking


Easy process Sundarban Tour Booking


Sundarban Tour Booking is very simple process, you need to select a Sundarban Tour operator from Google or Bing search. Read their services, which they are offering. Ask your query by directly over telephone or email or whatsapp. Tell them to provide all the details of Sundarban tour along with the menu and itienery. After that, check the boat for safari and rooms for night stay.


Two Methods for Booking

  1. Offline Method : Here you need to visit the Sundarban Tour agency’s office and pay the advance amount for the trip Booking.
  2. Online Method: This is the most popular method for Tour Booking, you need to pay the advance amount through Bank Transfer, Wallet Transfer. Advantage of this process is to manage the time by avoiding visit the office.

 Few things of Sundarban Trip Booking

Amount need to Book the Sundarban Travel : The policy is differ from one to another agency. Although, most of the famous agencies will ask you to pay the 50% amount as advance for confirmation. But if you have big group, you can negotiate with Sundarban Tour operator for actual advance amount.


Confirmation of Sundarban Travel: It is not very difficult to get the confirmation of your Sundarban Tour Booking. When you made the payment to a Sundarban Tour Agency, they will ask you to provide all the details of each travelers. After furnishing the details of each Sundarban Traveler they will send you a booking confirmation voucher along with the other details.


Cancellation of Sundarban Tour Booking: Cancellation of your Sundarban Confirmed booking, is very simple method. Firstly, you need to tell the Operator that you are not able to visit the Sundarban Tour. Check their cancellation policy, and they will send your advance amount according their cancellation policy. Lots of people prefer to reschedule instead of cancel. Rescheduling your Trip is best option.

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Where to Book Sundarban Tour: You can simply visit the below link to Sundarban Travel or Call +91 7980469744 / +91 8583048848


Sundarban Tour Booking