Sundarban Tour Package: A Journey to the Land of the Giant Salamander

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Sundarban Tour Package: A Journey to the Land of the Giant Salamander


The Sundarban mangrove forest located in the delta region on the coast of the Bay of Bengal is one of the most bio diverse places in the world. You can get a chance to see this strange animal through the Sundarban tour package. Also the biodiversity here will impress you.


Some important information about Sundarban tour is given here:

Features of Sundarban Tour Package

  • Mangrove Forest Exploration: You will be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the Sundarban with a house boat trip through the mangrove forest. In this forest you can see the ecosystem and various wild animals during the trip. The boat tour package will bring an enchanting experience.
  • Giant Salamander: The giant salamander is a rare and elusive animal found in the waters of the Sundarban. The tour package includes visits to some of the best spots to spot giant salamanders, where you can see this magnificent animal in its natural habitat.
  • Wildlife Photography: Sundarban is a paradise for wildlife photographers, and the tour package will give you the opportunity to capture rare images of the plants and animals of the forest. You can photograph giant salamanders, Bengal tigers, spotted deer and various species of birds.
  • Local Guide: A local experienced guide from the forest department will accompany you on the tour and help you immensely with information about the plants and animals of the Sundarban and their possible sites. They will take you to places in the forest where you have the possibility of this rare sighting.
  • Accommodation: The Sundarbans tour package offers a variety of comfortable accommodations, which will bring you another dimension to your Sundarban tour. All these accommodations are located in the natural environment.
  • Food: The Sundarban trip package also includes food, so you don’t need to worry during your trip. The food is locally prepared on the boat and is a delicious mix of Indian and typical Bengali dishes.


The Sundarban tour package is the perfect option for those who want to catch a glimpse of the Sundarban biodiversity and the elusive giant salamander. With a boat safari, wildlife photography opportunities, comfortable accommodation, meals and local guides, the tour package will give you an unforgettable experience.


So, prepare yourself and get ready for a journey to the land of giant salamanders of the Sundarban. If you are keen to explore the rich biodiversity of the Sundarban and catch a glimpse of this magnificent animal, then the Sundarban tour package is perfect for you.