Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 ) Why I do need to book Package Tour?

A : Sundarban Boat fare is bit of costly, as if you are small group it will be burden for you to book a whole boat for 2 to 3 Days. Moreover, most of the hotels has no restaurant facility. You can not opt there for fooding. In this scenario, you have to book a package tour who willing to provide you boat on sharing basis and also foods.

Q2 ) Do I need to stay in boat during night?

A : Absolutely not, boat staying was old concept when there was no hotel to stay. But now a days lots of hotels resorts and cottages available to stay. Few travellers like to stay in boat for adventure thrilling. If you feel so, you can stay there, few boats are with good quality staying options. Sometimes a group like to stay in boat for cost curtle.

Q3) How long is the road journey from Kolkata?

A: From Kolkata it is nearly 100 kms and journey time is around 3 hrs.

Q4) How many travellers ride in a sharing boat?

A: It is depends on Engine’s capacity (2/4/6 Cylinders) – 25/30/40

Q5) If I want to order extra food preparation, is that available?

A : Yes, ofcourse, if you pay extra for a specific item, it can be possible. Subject to availability.

Q6) Any guarantee to Tiger Sighting?

A : 🙂 Ofcourse, Not. Tiger sighting is rare event.

Q7) Life Jacket / Guide available?

A : Life Jacket is mandatory for all travellers, according the forest dept. guide line. Guide is also mandatory for each boat during Jungle visit.

Q8) Is there any major difference between 1 Night and 2 Nights Packages?

A : No, Almost same destinations coverage in both packages.