Is there any chances to see Royal Bengal Tiger in Sundarban?

Category: Faq

Yes, there is a good chance of seeing the Royal Bengal Tiger in Sundarbans. Sundarbans is home to the largest population of Royal Bengal Tigers in the world, with an estimated population of around 100 tigers. However, spotting a tiger in the wild is not guaranteed, as tigers are elusive and prefer to stay hidden in the dense mangrove forests. The best way to increase your chances of spotting a tiger is to take a boat safari along the rivers and canals that criss-cross through the Sundarbans. The guides and boat operators who work in the Sundarbans are experienced in tracking and spotting tigers, and they can help you identify the signs of a tiger’s presence in the area. It’s important to note that while tiger sightings are possible, they are not guaranteed, and it’s important to follow the safety guidelines and regulations when exploring the Sundarbans. It’s also important to respect the tigers’ space and not to disturb them or their natural habitat.