Rules and Regulations – Sundarban Tiger Reserve

Category: Faq

Sundarban Tiger Reserve is a protected area and home to the Royal Bengal Tiger, a critically endangered species. To ensure the conservation of the park and its wildlife, there are certain rules and regulations that visitors must follow. Here are some of the important rules and regulations for visitors to Sundarban Tiger Reserve:

  1. Visitors must obtain a permit from the Forest Department to enter the park.
  2. Visitors must be accompanied by a licensed guide at all times.
  3. Visitors are not allowed to carry any firearms or other weapons.
  4. Visitors must not disturb or harm any wildlife or damage any flora or fauna.
  5. Visitors must not litter or pollute the park and should dispose of all waste responsibly.
  6. Visitors must not enter restricted areas or go off the designated trails.
  7. Visitors must not light fires or smoke in the park, as this can start a wildfire.
  8. Visitors must not disturb the peace and tranquility of the park by making loud noises or playing music.
  9. Visitors must respect the local culture and customs and dress modestly.
  10. Visitors must follow all safety instructions given by the guide and be aware of the risks involved in the jungle.

By following these rules and regulations, visitors can enjoy a safe and responsible visit to Sundarban Tiger Reserve while contributing to its conservation efforts.